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I Gotta Vroom! is a racing puzzle game where the player controls an RC Car, and must navigate through an improvised course designed by an 8 year old child. The player must strive to complete the maps as fast as possible by using the powers of slow motion and smart movement decisions, while also taking advantage of their surroundings to get there faster!


Open game directory and navigate to _Data folder

Go into StreamingAssets

Open Maps

You will be greeted by an assortment of map text files that you can edit using any text editor program or create your own by using the name of "Map_" and number

Example of map file using Map_1


#Alphabet Block (Wall)
.Carpet (Floor)
*Ice (Disables input)
Mud (Stops you on tile and allows you to pick a direction to move)
Spring (Inverts direction)
Spring (Inverts direction)
Direction Changer [RIGHT] (Changes your direction)
Direction Changer [LEFT] (Changes your direction)
^Start Tile [UP]
>Start Tile [RIGHT]
vStart Tile [DOWN]
<Start Tile [LEFT]
EEnd Tile (Finishing Point)


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IGottaVroom x64 (64-bit) 22 MB
IGottaVroom x86 (32-bit) 20 MB

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